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Permit Processing & Expediting Services

Southernstar Permitting offers a one-stop resource for all your permitting needs. Southernstar can be a single point of contact and accountability that facilitates meeting the regulatory requirements of your projects on time, and on budget. We offer a variety of services to our clients, including:

  • Detailed Due Diligence for all projects.
  • Report designed to identify all municipal requirements, as well as potential pitfalls, cost for reviews and permits, etc.
  • Submission of all projects, to every municipality in Palm Beach and Broward Counties.
  • Follow up with local municipality throughout the entire project to ensure that your permits are pushed through as quickly as possible.
  • Timely and customizable reporting based on your project/program specific needs.
  • The ability for you to access up to the minute updates on all projects through our Permit Tracking Center, available through our Website.
  • We will provide all processing that is required by Planning and Zoning, Building and Safety, Fire Life Safety, Traffic & Engineering compliance and more.
There are several advantages of using Southernstar for all your permitting needs:
  • Single point of contact and accountability for all projects.
  • Our ability to initiate permit process early in the design work to ensure that projects are ready to start on schedule.
  • Consistency in expediting method, and local expertise on all projects.
Most importantly is our ability to interact with these governmental entities to get issues resolved quickly and permits rendered timely by escalating to the individuals that can approve these permits.