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About Us

Southernstar Permitting has dedicated itself to providing expedient, skilled and attentive service to architects, engineers and building contractors needing construction permits from city, county and state authorities.

EXPERTISE: We offer a highly specialized service by facilitating construction and occupancy permits issued by city, county and state governments. We combine both knowledge and expertise to maintain an unparralleled permit expediting service.

EFFICIENCY: With our expertise in this specialized field, we can perform our assignments with accuracy and expediency. By utilizing the services of Southernstar Permitting, our clients can focus on other aspects of their projects.

INTEGRITY: Southernstar Permitting is a family owned and operated business who prides itself in providing affordable, expedient, professional and courteous service.

Company Goal
Our goal is to create a place where businesses or owners can have a representative to professionally correspond to them during this delicate and unknown stage for a Building permit. Southernstar Permitting believes that our lasting experience greatly improves the quality, and the response time, to get our clients project processed, and approved on time, and within budget.

Call Today. We can help you with all your permit processing and expediting needs in South Florida. Call (561) 436-0668 or email