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Permit Processing & Expediting Services

Southernstar Permitting provides the knowledge and experience for application preparation, processing and administration required to secure all types of commercial and residential permits and municipal approvals quickly and efficiently. We have processed and expedited thousands of permits within the construction industry for top successful companies throughout South Florida.

1 Expertise 2 Efficiency 3 Integrity

Our Services

Southernstar Permitting will assist your organization in obtaining commercial and residential permits, while alleviating delays and overcoming any unforeseen obstacles. Our experienced permit specialists will follow your permits from submission through approval, freeing you from wasted trips and permit requirement deficiencies.

Our Advantage

Single point of contact and accountability for all projects. Our ability to initiate permit process early in the design work to ensure that projects are ready to start on schedule. Consistency in expediting method, and local expertise on all projects. Most importantly is our ability to interact with these governmental entities to get issues resolved quickly and permits rendered timely by escalating to the individuals that can approve these permits.

About Us

Southernstar Permitting is a business specializing in the construction permit process. We understand that you need assistance in navigating through the confusing world of permitting. The company has dedicated itself to providing expedient, skilled and attentive service to architects, engineers and building contractors needing construction permits from city, county and state authorities. more...

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